Kids Welcome

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Everyone Can Play

We always invite everyone to experience the joys of Rusutsu no matter where they are from. All kids are welcome to join the fun of the Daniel Kindergarten. Please note that these programs are only available with Japanese speaking staff. Our trained staff make every effort to ensure your child is safe and having a great time. Children love to play together so they don’t mind, we hope you won’t either. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns regarding your child and these programs.

Crayon Shinchan Kids School

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This special lesson program will offer students the opportunity to learn how to ski in both an indoor and outdoor environment. With new and unique learning techniques, this program is a fun and unique way for kids to learn.

Rusutsu Resort welcomes the popular animation character Crayon Shinchan to the Ski School! With this Friction program students will learn to ski initially on the indoor slope. This specially designed indoor slope has more friction compared to snow meaning students will feel safe sliding very slowly at first. The indoor slope allows students to improve their balance as they slowly start to slide in a safe learning environment.

This unique indoor slope helps everyone feel safe on their skis allowing students to quickly master skiing. Students learn the basics of stance and balance indoors before progressing to the outdoor slope where they learn to stop and turn.

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Rusutsu Arena, South Wing 1F

Open Dates:
2nd Dec 2017 – 1st Apr 2018

3 - 12 years old

For booking & inquiry:
Crayon Shinchan Kids School
TEL: +81-136-46-3061
URL: http://www.pandaruman.com/shinchan/inquiry/

*Booking will be accepted from 1st October, 2017.

Shinchan Skis

Students will learn by using the exclusive Shinchan skis in the lesson.

  1. In the Shinchan kids lessons students learn to ski using special Shinchan skis, provided by the school. Students use one of 3 different lengths of ski depending on height weight and ability.
  2. The skis have a special shape to help make it easier for everyone to learn how to ski.
  3. All students learn by using the special Shinchan skis.

Learn How to ski with Shinchan

  1. Students enjoy a fun warm up with Shinchan.
  2. All students learn how to put on their own skis with a little help from their instructors.
  3. Students are separated by age with children under the age of 4 using the smaller lesson area and children between the ages 5 to 9 using the longer slope.
  4. The friction program uses the artificial indoor slope to allow students to learn to ski in a more controlled environment. This makes it easier for students to control their speed and work on their balance.

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Shinchan Lesson outdoor area

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This area is divided into two parts:

  1. The debut area features a very short slope which has been specially created for the first timers to learn how to ski on snow. In this area students can have fun learning how practice to stopping in triangle.
  2. Once students have grasped how to stop using the triangle the next step is turning. Students can now use the longer slope by taking the snow escalator to the top. This is a great area to master how to turn with the instructor.
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Have fun while learning!

  1. During the lesson, students will learn by playing. These fun learning methods have been designed specially so help students improve their skiing.
  2. As students keep playing they will naturally improve their skiing ability while they are having fun.

Junior Lesson

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This lesson has been specially designed for children who have mastered the basics of skiing and are ready for the next challenge.

After a quick re-cap of ski technique on the indoor slope children can take a chair lift (with their instructor) and explore the inspiring new Crayon Shinchan ski area, located on West Mt. This thrilling features two fun courses which will test skills and also provide a real sense of adventure. The junior lesson is available as both a group and private lesson. (Lift ticket not included)

  • The “Shinchan Tree-run” allows children to ski through a special forest course where students must use skill to avoid fun natural hazards. The Tree-run also contains a special secret area which is waiting to be discovered.
  • The “Shinchan Cross” has bank and wave features, which have been designed to test balance and improve skiing ability.
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ISIA Medal Test

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Medal test is available during the Junior Lesson and provided by certified ISIA(International Ski Instructors Association) instructors.
The ISIA medal test can be included as part of a Junior Lesson for an additional fee of JPY 2,000 per participant.


  • Participants can receive a variety of different medals, based on technical ability level.
  • The red medal is the highest medal available.
  • Participants who wish to try multiple medal test must purchase additional Junior Lessons.
  • Successful participants are required to pay an additional fee (JPY 1,230) to receive the medal and certification.
  • Please contact the Crayon Shinchan Kids School in advance for more information.

Lesson Fee 2017-18 (Entrance fee included)

Lesson for children between 3 - 12 years old.

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  • Lesson fee includes rental equipment (skies, ski boots and helmets) and entrance to Shinchan areas.
  • Program includes indoor lesson and outdoor lesson at debut area or escalator area.

Crayon Shinchan Kids Park

  • Shinchan Kids School

Kids will love this exclusive winter playground packed full of fun features and exciting activities. After paying the entrance fee everyone can use the snow escalator to enjoy unlimited tubing, snow bikes and many more fun activities all day.

  • Operating period: mid December, 2017 – early April, 2018 (scheduled to open)
  • Hours: 9:00 – 16:00
  • Daily admission price: JPY 1,200 for kids aged 3 years and above (including adult and guardians)
  • Free admission to kids under 3 years old
  • Daily admission price includes unlimited use of all park features

Shinchan School Calendar

For lesson timetable, please refer to the calendar below.

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*To view or download the Crayon Shinchan School Calendar in PDF format

For children from age of 12 or above, "Private Lesson" is also available. Please click here.

Day-care Center “Daniel House”

  • ダニエルキッズ雪遊び

Staffed by qualified nursery teachers, our day-care centre’s support system provides parents with safety and peace of mind so that they can relax and enjoy themselves.
Location can be conveniently accessed without leaving Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention (North & South Wing).

Highland Lodge 3F

Open Hours:
9th Dec 2017 – 1st Apr 2018

8:45 - 12:15
13:15 - 16:30

Half Day 1 Day
1 year old JPY 4,400 JPY 7,200
2 - 4 years old JPY 3,600 JPY 5,700

* Service provided by trained Japanese staff.
* No service is provided out of working hours.
* Lunch is not provided.
* 100% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation on the day.