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World Ski Awards 2017

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Rusutsu Resort has been nominated by the World Ski Awards 2017.

We are pleased to announce Rusutsu Resort has recently been nominated for awards in two different categories by the World Ski Awards 2017. The prominent award ceremony recognises the best resorts and hotels in the global ski industry.

The Westin Rusutsu Resort was named “World’s Best New Ski Hotel for 2016" last year for its commitment to delivering exceptional service for guests around the world. Rusutsu Resort is proud to accept these prestigious award and nominations. Thank you to all our customers for your continued support as we strive to offer you the highest quality and excellent experiences.

Voting is open from 2nd June to 22nd September, 2017. If you have previously visited Rusutsu Resort to enjoy a winter holiday, please support our nominations and vote now.

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Japan's Best Ski Resort 2017

Rusutsu Resort has been nominated for Japan’s Best Ski Resort 2017. After receiving the nomination in 2016 we hope to finally clinch this prestigious award in 2017.

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Japan's Best Ski Hotel 2017

The Westin Rusutsu Resort has been nominated for the Japan’s Best Ski Hotel 2017. After award for World’s Best New Ski Hotel for 2016, The Westin Rusutsu Resort will continuously work towards deliver world-class facilities and service standards.

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