• OktoberFest_Tempura

North & South Wing

  • Zuwai

Hokkaido Buffet "Oktober Fest"
North Wing
Breakfast [7:00-9:00] All seasons.
Lunch [12:00-14:00] 5/3-5/5・7/29-8/19 only.
Dinner [17:00-20:30] 5/2-5/5・7/22-8/26
Dinner [17:30-20:30] Period except above.

The Buffet menu has a wide range of fresh ingredients from all over Hokkaido. Enjoy watching chefs cook tempura, skewers, roasted meat and fish right in front of you.
*Operation hours may vary depending on season.
*Picture: Image for dinner buffet

  • familybuffet

Family Buffet at "Crescent Hall"
North Wing
Breakfast [7:00-9:00] 8/2 - 8/13 only
Dinner [17:00-20:30] 8/1 - 8/12 only

A smorgasbord filled with dishes of splendour this buffet has always a generous spread.
*Operate only during peak season!

  • Bellevue
  • Belle Vue 2
  • Belle Vue 3

Farm Restaurant "Belle Vue"
South Wing
[17:00-21:00] 5/2-5/5・7/22-8/26
[17:30-21:00] Period except above.

Western cuisine based on the concept of "Farm to Table". Enjoy fresh, local farm produce, here in Rusutsu.
*Operation hours may vary depending on season.

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  • Sekkatei

Japanese Restaurant "Sekkatei"
North Wing
[17:00-21:30] 5/2-5/5・7/22-8/26
[17:00-21:00] Period except above.

All the Japanese favourites are served here, each enriched with fresh seasonal produce relax in a casual atmosphere where you will be able to experience the classic tastes of dishes, such as sushi and nabe (Japanese Hot Pot).
*Operation hours may vary depending on season.

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Highland Lodge

  • Kakashi-sashimi

Japanese-Style Pub "Kakashi"
Highland Lodge
[17:00-23:30] 5/2-5/5・7/22-8/26
[17:00-22:30] Period except above.

Here you will discover a wide assortment of delicacies from both land and sea as well as a premium selection of alcoholic beverages only Hokkaido can offer experience the tradition of Tatami rooms, with recessed foot wells for your comfort, or sit at one of the many booths. Enjoy yourself to the fullest at this traditional Japanese-style pub.

The Westin Rusutsu Resort

  • Westin_Atrium

Buffet & Lounge "Atrium"
The Westin Rusutsu Resort 1F
Breskfast [6:30-9:30]
Lunch [11:00-15:00]
Dinner [17:00-20:30] 7/22-8/26 only.

ATRIUM offers all-day dining in a genuine resort setting, with the scenery of the season pouring in through the spacious windows. The morning buffet offers a range of popular breakfast dishes using fresh vegetables from Rusutsu Farm, home-baked bread, and egg dishes. Enjoy à la Carte menus for lunch and dinner that offer Japanese, Chinese and Western favourites.
*Operation hours may vary depending on season.

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  • Kazahana2

Japanese Restaurant "Kazahana"
The Westin Rusutsu Resort 2F
Breakfast [7:00-9:30] 7/23-8/27 only.
Dinner [17:00-21:30]
*Teppanyaki [17:00-20:00]

Savor fresh Hokkaido produce and seafood. Discover the taste of seasonal Japanese Kaiseki cuisine (a traditional banquet served over several courses) or reserve a seat at the Teppanyaki counter to witness the true skill of a chef preparing the finest local provenance. Taste the difference in the distinctive flavours, and enjoy viewing the chef's refined techniques.
*Operation hours may vary depending on season.

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