Мусульманин Дружественные Питания

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In recent years, here at Rusutsu Resort we have being striving to better accommodate international guests. A large part of this has been our desire to cater for Muslim visitors.In order to achieve this goal we created a “Muslim Friendly Meal” which complies with Halal guidelines.

The necessary Halal environment was created by carefully selecting the appropriate ingredients and seasonings. Our new Halal menu was produced under the guidance of or our recently appointed Muslim Food & Travel Adviser.

As an Indonesian born Muslim currently living in Hokkaido; our Muslim Food & Travel Adviser Widya Sumi (pictured above) helps to provide our chefs with a greater awareness of Halal requirements.

We hope this will result in guests having a more comfortable experience while visiting Hokkaido and Japan.

Меню 2017

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  • Халяльное меню предоставляется по запросу.
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