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Muslim friendly cuisine and services

In recent years, here at Rusutsu Resort, we have been striving to better accommodate international guests. A large part of this has been our desire to cater to Muslim visitors. In order to achieve this goal, we offer Muslim friendly meals and a prayer room is available 24/7 to make your stay more comfortable.

Prayer room

In Rusutsu Resort we aim to fully support our guests and have created a quiet, carpeted, heated room specifically for prayers. This room allows guests to pray in a setting which is both suitable and appropriate. The prayer room is segregated by gender and located in the North Wing nearby the washroom. The prayer room is free of charge and advanced reservation is possible. Please note the prayer room is available for group only and may be unavailable at certain times during in peak periods.
Prayer room services

For guests wishing to use the prayer room please note, hotel staff will be happy to provide the appropriate mats, compass slippers and towel during your stay. Please contact, reservation center in advance to arrange this service.
Hotel Prayer Services

For hotel guests who wish to pray in their hotel room. Hotel staff will be happy to provide the appropriate mats, compass slippers and towel for the duration of your stay. Please contact the front desk for details.

Muslim Friendly Meal Available

We have carefully selected the appropriate ingredients and seasonings for our Muslim friendly menu. Our new Muslim friendly meal was produced under the guidance of or our recently appointed Muslim Food & Travel Adviser.

Muslim Food & Travel Adviser

As an Indonesian born Muslim currently living in Hokkaido; our Muslim Food & Travel Adviser Widya Sumi (pictured above) helps to provide our chefs with a greater awareness of Halal requirements.

For reservation or inquiries

If you want to make a booking or require further advice, a member of staff will be happy to assist you. Please contact the reservation center at.

Tel: 81-136-46-3111