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Kids Land

Lots of fun and smiles can always be found here. Safe and fun attractions designed just for children.

Ruth & Moose Café and Indoor Kids Play Area

Indoor Play Area

The recently opened “Ruth and Moose” Indoor Kids Play Area, provides a spacious children’s play area, including educational toys and a sand pit for kids. Located centrally in the amusement park, this play area the perfect place for younger children.

Age requirement:  Infants and thier guardians
Height requirement: None

Ruth & Moose Cafe 

Adjacent to the play area there is a café serving up a variety of delicious treats, including the signature oven baked pizza. This area is a great place for lunch while visiting the amusement park. The spacious indoor setting is convenient for families and perfect for bad weather days.

Inflatable Kids Land

An indoor playground filled with inflatable toys that children love to play on, some soar 8 meters high!

Age requirement: None
Height requirement: Limitations are set for each item.
Note: Please wear socks when playing with these inflatable toys.

Mini Viking

Board the Viking boat for a real adventure and go higher than any swing set in the local parks. Kids, are you ready for it?

Age requirement: Age of 7 + (infants need to be accompanied by a guardian)
Height requirement: None


The whole family can enjoy riding this gently rotating turtle.

Age requirement: None (infants need to be accompanied by a guardian)
Height requirement: None

Animal Battery Car

Ride on the back of a Bear, Panda or other wild animal!

Age requirement: None (infants need to be accompanied by a guardian)
Height requirement: None

Diggers Mountain

Jungle gym for kids; located indoors at the Inflatable Kids Land and always open, children can play and have fun even if it is bad weather outside.

Note for Drone Operations

This notice applies to all parties interested in operating drones on Rusutsu Resort property/within and around the resort area.

Please note drone operations are NOT permitted in/around the Rusutsu Resort Area. Regarding press/media parties, pre-approved permission from the resort management is required for all drone operations.

Thank you for your understanding.