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Before you book a lesson

Before you book a lesson, please first decide the following,

  • Lesson Date 
  • Duration of lesson 
  • Type of lesson  
  • Time of lesson 
  • Ability level (Please refer to the list below) 

Ski & Snowboard Ability Charts

Let us know your ability, please use the following information to determine your ability level.

SKI Ability Charts

Level 1 First Timer | Never skied before.
Level 2 Beginner | Can stop in a snowplough. No consistent turn.
Level 3 Beginner | Can link snowplough turns on beginner terrain.
Level 4 Intermediate | Can link parallel turns on intermediate terrain.
Level 5 Advanced | Can make confident parallel turns on advanced terrain.
Level 6 Expert | Can ski with dynamic parallel turns on expert runs and in moguls.

SNOWBOARD Ability Charts

Level 1 First Timer  | Never Snowboarded before.
Level 2 Beginner| Can slide and stop on the heel side.
Level 3 Intermediate  | Can turn heelside to toeside and toeside to heelside on easy terrain
Level 4 Advanced | Can link turns on intermediate terrain with steady speed.
Level 5 Expert| Comfortable on a wide variety of advanced terrain

<Online Booking Will Be Available in October 2019>
  • All lessons will be taught by a native level English speaking instructors who hold an internationally recognized instructor license. 
  • Book in advance to avoid disappointment 
  • Please arrive on time for your lessons. 
  • Lesson fees do not include lift ticket (except for Lesson Level 1). 
  • All lessons include accident insurance with standard coverage. 
  • 100% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation on the day.