The brand new Day-care Center

The newly refurbished daycare centre was opened on 28th December 2018. Staffed by qualified nursery teachers, our daycare centre’s support system provides parents with safety and peace of mind so that they can relax and enjoy themselves.
Comfortable space
Our daycare centre is equipped with large windows, providing natural light and a stunning view of the Mt East and Mt Isola. Perfect for arts and crafts, reading and playing games and other the fun-filled activities

Safe environment
To ensure a safe environment our nursery space has vinyl flooring provide soft surface while being slip resistant, significantly reducing the chances of falls and injuries.

Homemade, nutritious meals
We provide home cooked, nutritionally balanced food for our daycare centre's children. In our own kitchen, our meals are prepared daily using local ingredients. All our meals are designed by our hotel dietician.
Rusutsu welcomes our international guests
We are a multi-lingual child care centre and our childcare services are available for children from newborn to preschool child.

Highland Lodge 2F near Horn Cafeteria

Open Hours
08: 30 - 18: 30
Fee JPY 1,296 / hour (tax included); An additional hourly charges will apply for late pickup.

Lunch Time: 11: 30 - 13: 00 ; Lunch fee: JPY1,080 (tax included)
Snack Time: 15: 00 ~ 16: 00 ; Snack fee: JPY216 (tax included)