FAQ about Restaurant

Q. Where can I receive my meal coupon?
Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention, Log Houses, and Cottages:
No meal coupon available. If your accommodation package includes breakfast or dinner, please show your room key card or just tell your room number to the restaurant staffs when you enter each restaurant.

The Westin Rusutsu Resort:
If your accommodation package includes breakfast or dinner, you will receive your meal coupon upon check-in.

Q. If breakfast or dinner is not included in my accommodation package, can I use the restaurant?
A. Yes, of course. You can have the bill charged to your room or you can pay via cash or credit card at each restaurant.

(During the green season in 2019)
Adult JPY 2,970 (Incl. service charge and tax)
Child JPY 1,782 (Incl. service charge and tax)

Adult JPY 5,940 (Incl. service charge and tax)
Child JPY 3,564 (Incl. service charge and tax) 

Q. Can I make a reservation at the restaurant?

A. Yes, guests are welcome to make online dinner reservations for the following restaurants, Belle Vue, Sekkatei, Kazahana and Atrium. 

Please be aware there are a number of restaurants in Rusutsu Resort which do not accept advanced reservations at this time, however these restaurants are large and can accommodate a large amount of guests.

To make an online reservation please use the links provided on the restaurant page

Please note reservations are based on availability. For additional queries, please contact hotel Reservation Center (E-mail: info@rusutsu.co.jp).

Q. I’m worried about my allergies?
A. At buffet restaurants, a reference for common allergies is listed in our menu. Please refer to our notice about food allergies/special dietary requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to request a special menu.

Q. Does Rusutsu offer Halal food?
A. As of 2012 Rusutsu Resort is pleased to announce we are certified to create delicious Halal cuisine. Please click here for more information.

Q. Can I smoke in the bars and Restaurants?
A. All the restaurants in Rusutsu are non smoking; however smoking is allowed in the Obrist bar, located in the South Wing, Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention.