Aroma Treatment Room Averara

Nurture the body and mind through the power of scent in Averara, an aroma treatment room on the second floor at The Westin Rusutsu Resort. Exclusive to customers over the age of 18, this serene space features two beds and is decorated with neutral colors and minimalist décor to soothe the senses. Enjoy facial and body treatments that incorporate fragrant products from Anthanor and Jeunesse to leave your skin feeling aglow.


Body Treatment
Relieve fatigue, revive the senses, and stimulate circulation through the healing powers of pure ATHANOR oil, made from all-natural ingredients.
Body Treatment [Fee] 

  • 30 min: JPY 5,400 | Treatment: back and head
  • 60 min: JPY 9,720 | Treatment: back, sole, food and head
  • 90 min: JPY 14,040 | Treatment: back, sole, foot, arm, decolletage and head

Facial Treatment
Discover a more lustrous complexion with a renewing facial. Beginning with a refreshing wash, this renewing treatment cleans pores, enhances elasticity, and delivers immediate results.
Facial Treatment [Fee] 

  • 40 min: JPY 6,480 | Cleansing, oil treatment, skin conditioning and treatment
  • 80 min: JPY 11,880 | Cleansing, deep cleansing, oil treatment, facial mask, decolletage oil treatment, skin conditioning and head treatment.

Facial & Body Treatment

Revitalize from head to toe with a luxurious facial and body treatment. Our experienced therapists will purify, heal, and pamper the skin, leaving you relaxed and glowing.
Facial & Body Treatment [Fee] 
  • 120 min: JPY 18,360 | 
Facial: Cleansing, deep cleansing, oil treatment, skin conditioning 
Treatment: back, sole, foot, decolletage and head 

Foot Treatment (below the knee)
[Fee] 20 min: JPY 3,780

Foot Treatment (for legs)
[Fee] 40 min: JPY 7,020

Hand Treatment
[Fee] 10 min: JPY 2,160

Head Treatment
[Fee] 10 min: JPY 1,620


  • Exclusive to customers over the age of 18.
  • Advance reservation is required. (Please make your reservation at Service Express.)
  • Opening Hours: 15:00 - 24:00 (Reserve by 22:30.)
  • Location: 2F, The Westin Rusutsu Resort (Formerly "Rusutsu Tower")
  • Prices inclusive of tax. 
  • A cancellation charge is applied to cancellations on the day.