Umaimon Festival (Autumn Festival) 2019

Umaimon Festival takes place on September 14 - 16, 2019 and features a giant outdoor BBQ party with over 10,000 guests! This special seasonal event is perfect for either a day trip or weekend visit. 

Join us this September to celebrate the end of the green season with this fun event!


Try mouth watering all you can eat Hokkaido Beef as we host a giant barbeque party with thousands of people! Enjoy delicious food and drink to your heart’s content in the relaxing and spacious natural setting of Rusutsu.


Umaimon Festival tickets are valid for both the amusement park and outdoor BBQ:

BBQ includes "all you can eat" selected meats and "all you can drink" wine and juice

[Adults] Advance ticket: JPY 5,900 (JPY 7,800 on the day)
Available for hotel guests and visitors with amusement park pass only
[Kids aged 6 - 12] Advanced ticket: JPY 4,600 (JPY 5,900, on the day)
[Kids ages 4 and 5] Advanced ticket: JPY 1,800 (JPY 2,400, on the day)
[Kids under 4] free admission

*Advance tickets are available online, please visit Umaimon Festival page (Japanese only) for more information.

Live Entertainment

With exciting live music and many more electrifying live acts and events, everyone is sure to have a great time!

Artists: Ayaka Segawa, HAMBURGER BOYS, Hagiwara Yuto, and more.

Please visit Umaimon Festival page (Japanese only) for more information.


The night ends with a bang as 1,200 stunning fireworks light up the night sky.

Date: September 14  and 15, 2019 (schduled)
Start time: 7:15 pm

Night Time Amusement Park

Keep playing in the amusement park for longer with extended opening hours for the Autumn festival.

Date: September 14 and 15, 2019 (scheduled)
Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

*Only a limited number of attractions will be available during night time due to safety reason.