South Wing 1F
Lunch [11:00 - 19:00] 

The finest local Hokkaido ingredients are used to create a selection of delicious original cream puffs.

Daniel's Eat-In

South Wing 1F
Lunch [11:00 - 19:30] 

Our special Rusutsu Kogen Pork burger is available here. Enjoy the harmony of Rusutsu Kogen pork and Chinese yam produced in Rusutsu.

Edelweiss Sandwiches

North Wing 1F
Lunch  [11:00 - 19:30] 

Try our tasty Rusutsu Kogen pork cutlet sandwiches using homemade two-colored bread.

Daniel's Pizza

Tast our freshly baked pizza topped with a wide selection of delicacies.

Natural Cafe Scarlet's

South Wing 1F
Lunch [08:00 - 17:00] 

Sweets and bread freshly made in the resort, using local ingredients in Hokkaido.
Ideal for gift or in-room snack.

Welcome Potato

Popular fast food menus such as "Dippin' Dots", "Churritos", and "Cremia" soft ice cream are available here.