Summer Vacation Activities

Summer activities in Hokkaido will leave you with fond memories full of terrific experiences.

Family Rafting

Take a mellow ride on a rubber raft down Shiribetsu River. Suitable for all ages.

[Season] 13 July – 31 August, 2019
[Duration] 60 min
(1) 8:45 am- 10:45 am
(2) 11:15 am - 1:15 am
(3) 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
[Location] Upper stream of Shiribetsu River
[Participants] 2 or more
[Price] *Price includes 8% tax.
Adult: JPY 4,320 per person
Child: JPY 3,240 per person (age 3-11)
[Language Support] Japanese


  • Booking by 5:00 pm the day before required.
  • Price includes equipment rental (life jacket, paddles, etc).
  • Please wear suitable clothing when participating in any activity as you may get wet. Please also bring change clothes and towel.
  • Please complete registration at least 10 mins before the activity start.
  • Tours are generally not affected by rain. However, on occasions, the tour course will be changed or cancelled if the guide judges the conditions to be dangerous.

Fishing Starter

Make your first fishing experience a memorable one! This program is a great introduction to the fun of fishing and is also suitable for children.

[Season] 13 July – 31 August 2019
[Duration] 90 min
(1) 8:30 am - 10:00 am
(2) 10:30 am - 12:00 am
(3) 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
(4) 3:30 pm- 5:00 pm
[Location] In the surrounding areas of Rusutsu and Niseko
[Participants] 2 or more (companion not included)
[Price] *Price includes 8% tax.
JPY 2,700 per person
(Companion: JPY 1,080 per person)
[Language Support] Japanese

  • Prices include equipment rental.
  • Please bring suitable clothes and shoes for outdoor activities, you may get dirty.
  • A catch and release policy applies to all fish.
  • Tours are generally not affected by rain. However, on occasions the tour course will be changed or cancelled if the guide judges the conditions to be dangerous.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Balloon flights give the wonderful feeling of floating 30m in the air where you can safely relax and enjoy the panoramic views.

[Season] July 13 (early evening) – August 31 (Morning), 2019 (scheduled)
[Duration] Around 5 min in the air
(1) 6:30 am – 7:30 am
(2) 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
*Subject to change due to weather or season.
[Price] *Price includes tax.
Adult (age 12+):  JPY 2,700 per person
Child (age 6 - 11): JPY 2,100 per person
Infant (age 3 - 5):  JPY 1,100 per perspn
[Language Support] Japanese

  • Season and operating time may be changed or cancellation due to weather conditions.
  • Please wear suitable clothing when participating in any activity as you may get dirty.
  • Advanced booking is NOT accepted.
  • Please call Mr. Morii: +81 (0)80-9003-0789 to check if flights are in operation on the day.

Harvesting Experience

Experience the joys of life on a farm! Taste the deliciousness of freshly harvested ripe vegetables. Learn about what makes Rusutsu’s food so tasty and discover what it takes to grow vegetables. You can also take home your freshly picked potatoes as souvenirs.

[Season] 13 July –  31 August 2019
[Duration] approximately 90 min
(1) 9:30 am - 11:00 am
(2) 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
[Location] "Tamate Farm" in Rusutsu village (free shuttle provided)
[Participants] 2 or more
[Price] *Price includes 8% tax.
Adult JPY 2,700 per person (age 12+)
Child JPY 2,160 per person (ages 3-11)
[Language Support] Japanese & English

  • Activity held under moderate rain.
  • Shoes may get dirty from walking on the farmland.
  • Infants need to be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Booking required.

Artisanal Bakery Experience

[Season] 13 July –  31 August 2019
[Duration] approximately 120 - 180 min (vary depending on menu)
[Time] upon request
[Participants] 1 group (4 - 8 people)
[Price] *Price includes 8% tax.
(1) Bread: JPY2,700 per person
(2) Pizza: JPY 3,240 per person
  • Please come 10 min before the time you booked.
  • Booking by 5:00 pm the day before required.

Activity Notes

  • Activities are available upon reservation only. Please make your booking at the Activity Desk by 5:00 pm the day before.
  • Bookings are subject to condition of collaborating companies, instructor or guide.
  • All prices included sales tax.
  • Some programs are held in conjunction with outdoor specialist subcontractors in Niseko or other areas.
  • Activity programs will be changed or cancelled if the instructor or guide deems the conditions to be dangerous.
  • Some programs are covered by the subcontractors’ insurance (fee included in our price). These insurance policies have a narrow scope of coverage, and any damages or injuries caused by the participant’s negligence are not insured. It is therefore highly recommended that you purchase your own insurance coverage, please consider which type of insurance best covers you for the activities you will partake in.
  • All participants must sign an assumption of risk and waiver of liability form prior to participating in a tour. Persons under the age of 18 years will also require a parent or guardian to sign.
  • Primary and secondary school students are recommended to join our programs accompanied by their guardians.
  • Generally, non-participants or visitors to activity programs are not accepted.
  • Please be aware that some activities are conducted in natural surroundings, it is always important to follow the guide’s instructions and be responsible for your own safety.
  • Please wear suitable clothing when participating in any activity as you may get dirty. Confirm any details when making a reservation.
  • Guests are not allowed to attend any activity programs if they have consumed any alcohol. So please refrain from drinking alcohol prior to participation in the program.
  • Cancellation fees will be charged at 50% a day before and 100% for same day cancellations.

For Inquiry or Reservation

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry and reservation regarding activities.
Your email inquiry will be handled at the earliest opportunity. For urgent cases, please contact the hotel directly.

Rusutsu Resort Activity Desk
Phone: +81-136-46-3332 (8:00 am - 5:00 pm)

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Thank you for your cooperation.

Note for Drone Operations

This notice applies to all parties interested in operating drones on Rusutsu Resort property/within and around the resort area.

Please note drone operations are NOT permitted in/around the Rusutsu Resort Area. Regarding press/media parties, pre-approved permission from the resort management is required for all drone operations.

Thank you for your understanding.

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