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Snowmobile - Adventure Courses & Long Adventure Courses

Explore the Hokkaido powder by snowmobile. These adrenaline-fuelled tours are perfect for experienced riders who want to explore the Rusutsu backcountry and learn how to ride deep untracked powder. 

[Period] From late-December to early March
[Duration] 90 - 120 min
[Time] 9:00  -  16:00
[Location] Snow Activity Land
[Age] 16 years old and above

  • Adventure Course (90 min): JPY 16,000 (single-seater only)
  • Long Adventure Course (120 min): JPY 20,000 (single-seater only)

[Language Support] English

Snowmobile - Standard courses & Long courses

Experience the wonderful feeling of riding on a snowmobile through the snowfields. Instructors will provide beginners with help and assistance.

[Period] From mid-Dec to late Mar
[Duration] 30 - 60 min
[Time] 9:00 - 16:00
[Location] Snow Activity Land

Standard Course (30 min): 
Price: JPY 7,300 / JPY 9,500 for 2 people (driver and passenger)
Age: 13 years old or above. For a two-seater snowmobile, the driver must be over 18 years old.

Long Course (60 min): 
Price: JPY 12,300 / JPY 16,500 for 2 people (driver and passenger)
Age: 16 years old or above. For a two-seater snowmobile, the driver must be over 18 years old.

​​​​​​​[Language Support] English

  • Age restrictions for drivers apply and vary with each course: Standard Course 13+, Long Course 16+, Adventure Courses 16+, Long Adventure Courses 16+
  • The combined total weight on the two-seater snowmobile cannot exceed 150kg.
  • Age restriction for drivers of two-seater snowmobile: 18+
  • 2 passengers cannot ride on a single-seater snowmobile.
  • Participants under the influence of alcohol are prohibited from driving.
  • Reservations are required for all courses.
  • Programs may be delayed or cancelled due to weather or other conditions.

Snow Rafting

Feel the speed as you are swung over the snow in a rubber boat!
[Period] From mid-Dec to late Mar
[Duration] 10 - 15 min
[Time] 9:00  -  16:00
[Location] Snow Activity Land
Adult JPY 2,200
Child (Age 4-12): JPY 1,650
[Language Support] English
  • Reservation is not required.
  • Price includes equipment rental (helmet and goggles).
  • The program may be delayed or cancelled due to weather or other conditions.
  • Infant (age 3 or under) with a parent or guardian can ride for free.

Snow bike

Try this thrilling new way to access the mountain! Enjoy riding and exploring our mountain on a motorized snow bike.
[Period] From mid-December to late March^
[Duration] 6 hours (One Day Course) or 2 hours (Half Day Course)*
[Time] One day: 09:00 - 16:00; Half-day: AM - 9:00 - 12:30, PM - 12:00 - 15:30
[Location] South Wing Activity Desk
[Group Size] 1-6
[Age] 16 years old or above

One Day Course (6 hours)*
1 person | Price: JPY 74,800/person
2 person | Price: JPY 67,300/person
3 person | Price: JPY 64,800/person
4 person | Price: JPY 63,550/person

Half-Day Course (2 hours)*
1 person | Price: JPY 51,000/person
2 person | Price: JPY 43,500/person
3 person | Price: JPY 41,000/person
4 person | Price: JPY 39,750/person

Half-Day Tandem Course (2 hours)*
Price: JPY 39,900/person
-Participant will ride with an instructor
-Participant must meet the height restriction of 130cm and weight cannot exceed 80kg.

  • ^Available date depends on snowfall and weather condition.
  • *Please allow extra 1 to 1.5 hours for safety briefings and time to get ready.
  • Reservation is required by 17:00 two days before.
  • A resting area and bathroom will be available.
  • Programs may be delayed or cancelled due to weather or other conditions. 

Note for Drone Operations

This notice applies to all parties interested in operating drones on Rusutsu Resort property/within and around the resort area.

Please note drone operations are NOT permitted in/around the Rusutsu Resort Area. Regarding press/media parties, pre-approved permission from the resort management is required for all drone operations.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Some activity programs have scheduled holidays. Please confirm the details listed with us to ensure the activity you want is available during your stay.

For additional schedule information or participation in upcoming events, please inquire directly at the Rusutsu Resort Activity Desk.

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