Alipay payment is now available at several places in Rusutsu Resort.
Take advantage of this quick, easy Alipay payment method and enjoy staying, skiing and shopping with us!

Alipay 지불은에서 이용 가능합니다 : Hotel Front & Ticket House

북쪽 윙 프론트
(숙박 가능)

루스츠 리조트 숍

"Vivace" - 북쪽 윙 1 층
프로 선수가 선택한 다양한 종류의 스키 및 스노우 보드, 골프, 테니스 및 기타 스포츠 용품을 갖추고 있습니다.

Restaurants, Fast food shops, Cafeterias etc:

Inside Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention;
  • Hokkaido Buffet "Oktober Fest" - North Wing 1F  
  • Local Cuisine "Sekkatei" - North Wing 3F  
  • Japanese-Style Pub "Kakashi" - Highland Lodge 1F  
  • BBQ Restaurant "Lamp House" - Travel Lodge 1F  
  • Pub "Cricket" - South Wing 1F  
  • Daniel's Eat-In - South Wing 1F  
  • Daniel's Pizza - South Wing 1F  
Cafeteria on mountains;
  • Horn, Highland Lodge on West Mt.  
  • Lone Pine on East Mt.  
  • Isola 2000 on Mt. Isola  
  • Cafeteria Steamboat A on Mt. Isola  
  • Cafeteria Steamboat B on Mt. Isola

Rental and Activity:

  • North Rental 
  • Highland Rental 
  • Activity Desk 
  • Snow Activity Land 
Places you can use Alipay payment is subjected to change. Please check staffs before you make a payment at each places.