July 2nd, 2018

Notice and apology regarding the leak of personal information of guests making reservations on the Rusutsu Resort official multilingual website

Dear our valued guests,

We have received a report from FASTBOOKING JAPAN K.K., a subsidiary company of the French company FASTBOOKING which is the operator of our reservation system for international guests, that their servers have been hacked and some of our guests’ personal information has been leaked. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this incident. Please be informed that no misuse of any information associated with this incident has been reported as of now.

For your information, reservations made on our the Rusutsu Resort Japanese official website and all languages of The Westin Rusutsu Resort websites are not affected as they are not processed by FASTBOOKING.

Please be informed about the details of the incident and our response to the incident as follows:

1.Details of the incident:
(1) Guests affected:
Guests who made their reservations on the Rusutsu Resort official multilingual website (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russian) between May 1st of 2017 and June 20th of 2018.
*Including the guests who have cancelled their reservations that were made between this period.
(2) Personal information leaked:
Full names, email addresses, phone numbers, nationalities, hotel name, confirmation numbers, dates of when the reservations were made, arrival and departure dates, total amount of reservations.
According to the FASTBOOKING’s report, no credit card information has been leaked.
(3) Number of cases affected:
1,774 cases

2.Response to the incident:
(1) We have suspended the new reservation function on our official multilingual website.
(2) We will contact the guests who made the reservations on our official multilingual website by email.
(3) We have reported this incident to the Personal Information Protection Commission.

Rusutsu Resort Reservation Center (e-mail: info@rusutsu.co.jp)

Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention