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Rusutsu Resort目前正在为2018/19冬季招聘滑雪和滑雪板教练。



  • Great working conditions
  • Competitive pay
  • Free ski-in/ski-out staff accommodation
  • Free access to the resort facilities (swimming pool, public bath etc.)
  • Subsidised meals in the staff canteen
  • Free season pass for Rusutsu Resort
  • Free gear rentals
  • 20% staff discount at all resort shops/food outlets
  • Special Staff discounts available from sponsored brands (Dakine / Von zipper and more)
  • Regular Training and the chance to take additional Japanese SAJ ski & snowboard certifications
  • Full assistance with bank accounts & government paperwork
  • Regular ski school events and parties
  • Visa sponsorship for highly experienced candidates
  • A large vibrant team of Japanese and international staff
  • A REAL Japanese cultural experience.



  • 有资格在日本工作的签证
  • 有趣,充满活力和积极的态度
  • 流利或本土英语能力
  • 在旺季,每周必须工作6天或更多天
  • 有效的急救证书
  • 出色的沟通和客户服务技巧
  • 有趣,充满活力和积极的态度
  • 灵活,成熟,专业
  • 拥有良好的时间管理技能
  • 表现出卓越的领导能力
  • 附加标准


    • 高级或双重认证
    • 有先前的指导经验
    • 以前的相关客户服务经验
    • 任何其他语言
    • 愿意体验日本文化
    • 具有日语能力的任何水平或强烈的学习欲望
    Additional Criteria
    Candidates who possess some or all of the additional requirements will be highly regarded:
    • High level or dual certification
    • Have prior instructing experience
    • Previous relevant customer service experience
    • Any Additional languages
    • Willingness to experience Japanese culture
    • Has any level of Japanese ability or the strong desire to learn
    Additional Information:

    • Fixed term contract 
    • Duration | Employment from 1st December until specific contract completion date. *Short term contracts available for university students. 
    • Salary | Based on certification and experience. 
    • Visa | Must be eligible for either: Working holiday visa  or skilled labour visa (36 months of teaching experience)